Ari Vatanen mainostoimisto Avalon

Scottish Rally

  • Year: 1975
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Type: ERC
  • Car: Opel Ascona (g2)
  • Co-driver: David Richards
  • Placing: 8.
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Scottish Rally


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Rough rally

21-11-2009 klo 18:57

The Scottish was know for its rough roads and several of the stages featured loose boulders of a size of a fist. By the time of this rally Ari's old Finnish Ascona had seen better days. Somehow the stones found their way through the Ascona's floorboards and the Dealer Opel Team mechanics had to do a lot welding to keep Ari on a road on this event. Another amusing memory from this rally was the prize giving, where Ari was presented a magnum of Whisky! And this for a man who does'nt drink!

Nik Salminen
Ex. Opel Marketing Unit, UK

Written by: artoniklas

True Spirit

10-01-2011 klo 17:35

Saw That event my father and friend. The star of the rally was Ari and the Ascons that would not die. His unbelievable pace in what was a batter wreck of a former car at the end was an experience non of us ever forget. To get the car to the finish was indeed the truest worthy winner of the Spirit of the Rally award. ( a price more coveted than winners ),
The cheers that went up at the prizegiving was unforgetable. The place erupted at this modest speedster who demonstrated what rallying was all about. Getting to the finish no matter what.
The Scottish was a cosy Rally at that time and Ari's drive won the affections of every competitor and young fans like ourselves.
Your still a true Gent in the rally world.

Written by: Zeppozen

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