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Rothmans 747 Rally

  • Year: 1975
  • Country: Jamaica
  • Type:
  • Car: Datsun 120 Y
  • Co-driver: Gerry Phillips
  • Placing: 12.
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Rothmans 747 Rally


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Rothman's 747 info

29-04-2009 klo 20:16

Hello, I have 9 scanned pages (in .gif format) of the Organizers Report for this rally. My father and his cousin both competed. Please let me know where to send the scanned images for sharing.

Written by: toyracer

Sharing pictures

30-04-2009 klo 09:24

Hi toyracer!

You can upload photos from your personal profile. Afer login click personal profile, then use the upload form (left column). Then you can attach images to your comment :)

Written by: flash

35 years since the Rothmans 747 Rally in Jamaica

10-01-2010 klo 16:31

Photos [ 1 ]

It has been 35 years since the Rothmans 747 Rally in Jamaica! And here's my first car in a foreign rally, Datsun 120Y.

We changed the tyres, the oil, the brake pads, put on lights and a Halda. We also changed the shock absorbers, however, only two of them! That made the car interesting to handle!

We got the dent in the door when we found a parked truck inside a dust cloud. We just turned the car sideways and...

Written by: Ari Vatanen

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