Ari Vatanen mainostoimisto Avalon

Rally Argentina

  • Year: 1985
  • Country: Argentina
  • Type: WRC
  • Car: Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
  • Co-driver: Terry Harryman
  • Placing: ret.
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Rally Argentina


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Accident in the Argentina Rally 1985

15-12-2013 klo 20:28

It happens in Las Bajadas - Villa del Dique Stage.We were about 50 guys looking in front of the accidente from about 200 meters.Vatanen came so so fast and caught a great hole in the road, and the car flown and crash in the front side of Ari and then turn over 3 times.The first one he flown about 5 meters…….We helped to carry Ari out of the car and to carry him to the helicopter.His copilot Harryman, was injured too but not as Ari.At first instance we though that Ari was almost dead....We carry him to the helicopter in the base protector of the car (we call it chapón), this protector got away of the car in the first turn over…The second turn over was the worst….in this turn the car lost both rear wheels.At that time de first car in the road was de Nissan car of Mr. Menta the 2do. was Salonen and the 3er. one Mr. Vatanen. The helicopter was following the first Peugeot in the road (that was Salonen) The helicopter came to the accidente in about 40 minutes....Many pictures of this accident I have sent to Ari.When Ari returned to Argentina and in Villa Carlos Paz City, many years later, we met again y could talked y tell him al about this accidente.At this time were his wife Rita y Salonen’s wife.We talked about an hour.It was great to see him again.He really is a great champion !!!!!!!!!!

Written by: Enrique de Loredo

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