Ari Vatanen mainostoimisto Avalon

RAC Rally

  • Year: 1979
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Type: WRC
  • Car: Ford Escort RS1800
  • Co-driver: David Richards
  • Placing: 4.
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RAC Rally


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25-06-2009 klo 00:13

Photos [ 1 ]

this is only memory what i have from this car- and rally, can not understand how i have forget it.....i'm not proud about this model, i made it long time ago with poor decals and did not understand anything about modelling yet.

Written by: M.Suttonen

27-06-2009 klo 21:57

Photos [ 1 ]

early Rothmans Escort, this is Trofeu's original model and finished to full tobaccolivery.
Picture from realy car is comming later

Written by: M.Suttonen

27-06-2009 klo 21:59

well..i did not know that i'm so smart....
i saw first now that i have added 1000 lakes Escort to this page. But can not remove it before i get advises from website host,,,sorry again

Written by: M.Suttonen

A Day with Super Trooper ( Bean Soup & Pancake Day )

06-03-2011 klo 13:38

Having known Ari during his early days of Rallying in the United Kingdom I was privilaged to have been the Rally Correspondent for the BBC & numerous Independent Radio Stations that were coming on stream in the 1970's and early 1980's.

There are many hours of audio tapes in my archives plus the proud memories of producing a film for the BBC's Grandstand programme..The completed film of Ari Vatanen preparing for the 1980 Lombard Rac Rally as a member of the Finnish Defence Force is now re-edited and released on the World Wide Web

Enjoy , it is classic filming and the opportunity of a lifetime for all concerned. ALLAN PHILLIPS Telford Shropshire

Written by: Chauffeur1

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