Ari Vatanen mainostoimisto Avalon

Castrol Rally

  • Year: 1980
  • Country: Australia
  • Type:
  • Car: Ford Escort RS1800
  • Co-driver: David Richards
  • Placing: 2.
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Castrol Rally


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Castrol Rally Canberra Australia

29-10-2011 klo 13:22

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Written by: dutchman

Castrol International. Canberra Aust

21-06-2015 klo 14:34

A memorable showdown between the BDAs of Vartinen and Australia's Greg Carr. Ari was giving the field a lesson until an unfortunate roll. His comeback was impeded by a lack of tyres and he capitulated by 40 seconds. 40 Split Seconds which follows the rally can be viewed on Youtube

Written by: Andrew Owen

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