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Terry Harryman

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Terry Harryman


Perhaps it was appropriate that Ari Vatanen would be accompanied through probably the most turbulent times of his career by a man many saw as his direct opposite. "It is largely true," Ari agrees. "Terry represented a somewhat civil servant attitude in competition, whereas my mentality was anything but!"

14 years older than Ari, Terry Harryman's career dated back to the 60's, when he'd teamed up with Paddy Hopkirk in a works Mini. To underline the difference his swarthy, dark looks also contrasted with those of Ari.

The partnership started inauspiciously in the Swedish Rally of 1982, when Vatanen had entered as a privateer. "I can't remember where the car came from, but it was a shoestring effort. I had Rita as team secretary and was desperately making phone calls saying: ‘How do you do! I'm Ari Vatanen, world rally champion, would you like to support me?' Then, when Terry arrived for the recce, he was at least a day late, having missed various trains and boats."

It got better, though. The Safari victory was a notable high, but the pair really hit a purple patch with the arrival of the Peugeot 205 T16 in 1984. From the 1000 Lakes Rally on they scored five straight WRC wins, including that legendary Monte Carlo triumph of 1985.

Still, after his mistake clocking in to Gap Terry Harryman had experienced the darkest hours of his whole career on that event. "I was lying in a warm bath that night thinking how easy it would be to slit my wrists, right there and then", he confessed later. Yet, two days down the road he was celebrating victory in the most famous rally of them all!

"Terry teamed up with me for some of the most hectic phases of my life", admits Ari. "He did well to come through them intact."